Oh shoot.

Last weekend was full of friendship, make-up, and photography. I took two of my dearest friends and made them sit while I styled their hair and painted their faces so they could model for me. I had a great time playing with different looks and finally getting to use my new Canon RebelT3i for photo shoot fun.

For Emily V. I first dressed her up in the vintage late 40s dress my aunt gave to me and gave her a classic look with defined lashes and ruby red lips. After a couple costume changes we wiped of her face and did an Effie Trinket inspired look from The Hunger Games. The colors were bold ad bright, I loved it.

For Janet D. I went with an everyday look. A light and bright smokey eye with soft lips.

(All photos are unedited. More pictures to follow: my MacBookPro was full)

Make-up, hair, and photography by Natalie Anne.








About Beauty by Natalie Anne

Certified Professional Make-Up Artist. Certified in: airbrushing, professional techniques, corrective, dramatic, special fx and airbrush make-up; covering a wide variety of looks from bridal, fashion, glamour, natural, men's grooming, character, and hair styling. Please visit my blog: www.beautybynatalieanne.com For appointments or inquires, please contact beautybynatalieanne@gmail.com

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